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System Design

BRG's Design services start from the first visit our regional sales manager makes to your campus/facility. The regional sales manager will perform a site survey to determine:

  • Size of master transmitter needed for your campus/facility
  • The best location on campus for the master transmitter to be placed
  • The secondary hardware that best fits your objectives and budget
  • Determine good locations for any Outside Broadcast Systems (OBS) that you need to cover the entire campus
BRG Site Surveys

BRG Regional Sales Managers perform site surveys at your facility/campus to:
  • Determine the size of master transmitter you will need for coverage
  • Determine a frequency that is available or has limited traffic in your area
  • Identify any areas of your campus/facility that have poor signal issues such as:
    • Below grade floors
    • RF shielded areas
    • Lead shielding
    • Low E glass
    • Two way radio coverage
    • Cellular phone signal issues
  • Identify the best location for:
    • Master Transmitters
    • Outdoor Broadcast Systems
  • Suggest the BRG equipment that will best fit your needs
  • Demonstrate the systems capabilities
Estimated Coverage Survey:

This site survey is focused on finding the solution that will best fit your needs.  This is NOT A GUARANTEE of complete coverage of your campus.  BRG makes every effort to identify poor signal areas; however, there maybe unforeseen issues that arise after installation that require additional equipment, i.e. signal repeaters, directional antennas, remote antennas, etc…  The customer is responsible for the purchase of any additional equipment needed to provide the desired coverage. 

Guaranteed Coverage Survey:
If you would like a detailed site survey, guaranteeing 100% coverage of your entire facility/campus, BRG will perform a detailed site survey for an additional cost based on the size of your campus.  This detailed survey will require BRG to take measurements in each location of a secondary device, (speaker, message display, clock, etc…).  Any additional hardware expense needed for predetermined coverage that arise after installation would be covered by BRG Precision Products. 

OBS Design

BRG research's the campus location, topography, building heights, average wind speeds and more when determining the amount of coverage you need to cover your entire campus. Based on several parameters, BRG will then suggest a system to meet your needs.

All OBS locations are based on a non-penetrating roof mount, surface mount or pole mounted speakers. Audio coverage area is estimated based on 0 to 5 MPH winds; building height; foliage. Actual audio broadcast distance may vary. Coverage area will be negatively effected by high winds, high ambient noise or new construction that is not shown in the aerial photo above. If severe wind conditions, new construction, cooling units, highway automobile traffic or any other noisy conditions exist that might cause the ambient noise level to be more than 70 dB at any locations to be covered, the institution is responsible to inform the BRG Sales Representative so these conditions can be taken into account during the planning stages of the project.

Interior System Design

BRG also offers interior system design. This design work is partially credited towards your first order of hardware. BRG designers will have a solution that will meet your objectives. These objectives are determined between you and your regional sales manager.

BRG will deliver a system that will cover your objectives. If there are signal issues in a building location, this will be addressed during the site survey that is performed early in the design process. Your regional Sales manager will determine if you need to have BRG perform a 100% coverage site survey.

Please ask your salesman if you have any additional questions.

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