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Benefits of a BRG Emergency Mass Notification System:

  • Send emergency announcements wirelessly throughout a facility or campus or any size area in just seconds
  • One click to notify an entire campus
  • Graphical User Interface designed to meet your needs. (optional)
  • An FCC Licensed frequency
  • Professionally recorded announcements provide clear and consistent communications
  • Broadcast pre-recorded, live or text to speech audio/text messages throughout your campus using wireless speakers and message displays
  • Alert a single building or the entire campus, indoors and outdoors, using both audio and visual devices
  • Activate emergency messages or make live audio announcements from any touch-tone or cellular telephone
  • Integrates with many emergency texting companies like E2Campus and Rave
  • Integrates into most fire panels to utilize built in speakers
  • Follow NFPA 72 Emergency Mass Notification Guidelines
  • IP addressable secondary devices
  • Battery backup available for all devices
  • Extended Warranties
  • Hot Swap support program
  • Toll-free technical support
  • Next Day emergency repair/replacement
  • On-site system training
  • Professional design services
  • Turn-key installation
  • 100% campus coverage guarantee
  • Synchronized time
  • Unlimited Expandability

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