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Text Messaging Interface (RSS interface)

The BRG EMN System is the only emergency broadcast system that interfaces with Emergency texting and emergency email systems that feature a web based RSS Feed.

Many Colleges and Universities have the ability in place to text and e-mail students and faculty of emergencies. Most of these systems use a Web based RSS feed. Up until recently, this system was limited to just e-mail, phones and pagers.

Now the same emergency messages that are activated through a Universities emergency dialing software can also be delivered to your entire facility utilizing the BRG Wireless Emergency Mass Notification (EMN) or VNetwork VoIP System. Using the latest text-to-speech technology from AT&T the BRG system will send out alpha-numeric messages to all BRG Message Displays, BRG speakers and BRG Outdoor Broadcast Systems. Our system can even integrate into most fire panel systems to utilize fire alarm speakers to warn students and faculty of an emergency.

How does it work? BRG’s EMN Software ties into the URL that broadcast the RSS feed supplied by the paging software. When an alert is sent from the paging software, the BRG EMN Software automatically sends out a audio alert to all BRG speakers and a text alert to all BRG message displays.

When an “all clear” is sent from the paging software, the BRG EMN Software automatically changes the BRG message displays back to time.


  • Monitors RSS feed every 5 seconds
  • Activates Audio and Text messages to your entire campus within seconds
  • BRG system automatically resets when RSS feed is reset
  • Use only one software interface for your texting system and campus emergency notification system
  • Text-to-speech technology provided by AT&T Natural Voices Software
  • Easy to setup
  • Ability to deactivate link with the click of a mouse

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