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Emergency Dialing Interface

BRG's EMN-TTS Control PC seamlessly interfaces with emergency messaging software like E2Campus, Rave and others.

Utilizing the RSS internet feed that is provided by the emergency messaging software, the BRG EMN System pings the internet site every 5 seconds for a change in information. When there is activity on the RSS feed, BRG's software automatically sends out the same message to all wireless speakers using text-to-speech technology and to all wireless moving message displays displaying the same text that is sent out to pagers, cell phones and emails.

This provides a consistent message to all students and faculty on or off campus. The message is delivered campus wide in less than 60 seconds.

When an all clear is sent out through the RSS feed, using a predetermined phrase, the BRG EMN Software will automatically reset the moving message boards to a clock.

Fire Alarm Panel Interface

BRG is concerned about your budget as much as you are. That's why we have developed a Fire Alarm Panel Interface.

This interface will save you time and money by utilizing the fire alarm speakers that are already installed in your facilities. Our simple to install interface will automatically receive emergency messages from the BRG EMN System and play them over the speakers attached to your fire alarm panel.

The Fire alarm panel is programmed by your manufacturer to allow the BRG EMN System to have first priority in an emergency to meet NFPA 72 recommendations.

Part # BRG1719FA/PA

Public Address Interface

For customers that have public address systems in their buildings, gymnasiums, football stadiums, etc... BRG has a PA interface that will allow you to utilize the PA systems with the BRG EMN System.

The BRG1719FA/PA simply plugs into an RCA input jack on your PA Amplifier. When an emergency message is activated, the message will play over your existing PA system, saving capital funding and installation costs.

Part # BRG1719FA/PA

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